TextExpander 6 (Or: “How NOT to launch your SaaS”) →

But is this just another case of “Users are cheap and don’t value developers’ time?” I don’t think so. I happily signed up for 1Password for Families which will eventually be $5/month, although I could have gotten away with using the app as I have previously. There’s no question that this will be (slightly) more expensive for me in the long term, but after using it for a few days it was obvious that 1Password for Families was going to save me time and frustration. In fact, it was so good that I even said to a few people “I could imagine using 1Password for Families even as an individual, just for the bonus features.”

There’s the rub for Smile and TextExpander: I don’t see anything that I really need in TextExpander version 6. I’m not using it with a “team” and my family members probably have no interest in sharing a group of text snippets with me. Yes, I realize that Smile made their own syncing service, but I have used iCloud, Dropbox, and BitTorrent Sync, and they work fine for TextExpander. Creating their own syncing service was solving a problem that I didn’t have.

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