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Rene Ritchie Wrote a very ensightful piece at iMore.
I too am a fan of indie app developers for a lot of reasons. They create great products that I love using, and that make my use of Apple products more enjoyable. Indie devs have also typically, in my experience, been much easier to work with when it comes to issues surrounding the accessibility of their apps.

And while I will continue to happily spend my money for great apps, I must end in the same tone that Rene begins…I fear he is to close to the mark in this piece.

Rene Writes:

I fear pop apps, not indie apps, are the future of the App Store.

I love indie apps. I use them every day. If I could, I’d pay large amounts of money for them on a regular basis. That’s because I also love indie app developers and want them to succeed so that the apps they make are sustainable, persist for years to come, and I get many, many more of them. But I fear we’ve moved into an era where pop — popular, light, snackable, mass-market — apps, not indie apps, rule the store.

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