The Podcaster Pro™

Screenshot of the Podcaster Pro™ spec page

It has been a long time since I have been this excited about a product. There’s the usual thrill involved with any product launch from Apple, but with all the leaks and rumors, we often know most of what is coming before Tim Cook and crew take the stage.
The Podcaster pro™, from Small Batch Audio, has me excited for several reasons. First, it’s right there in the name, “Podcaster Pro” an audio interface designed for Podcasters. What is key about this, as most podcasters will tell you, we typically find ourselves using equipment and software made for musicians. This means that often we have a lot of features that we don’t need, there’s complexity to sometimes work around, and when we encounter barriers, we are most likely not getting any help from the manufacturer.
What Adam Curry has been working on is going to make it possible for anyone to have a professional production setup, without hacking stuff together.

The Hunt may be Over

Some of you will know that I have been on a mad hunt for an audio interface that would give me some advanced routing capabilities, without costing me an arm and a kid. The problems I have encountered on this search are:
* either the expense is to great to justify
* the price is right, but the functionality requires software that isn’t accessible
* The price is right, but the device has a touch-screen that isn’t accessible

The Podcaster Pro™ also has a touch-screen, but I am still excited, because of this email I received from Adam in response to my inquiry about accessibility:

Hi Damashe,
We have a specific implementation we are working on for blind casters.
It will not be in the initial release, but as a firmware update, we will release a ‘guide voice’ that will speak menu items over the mix in the main headphone. So it won’t be recorded in the total mix, just as a guide when twirling the knobs to access and set menu parameters.
It’s going to kick ass!

That’s great news to me. Not only that a solution has been considered, but that it is being implemented fairly quickly, and that we have an opportunity to provide ideas and feedback directly to the creator. Adam did admit that accessibility slipped his mind initially, but he heard from other people with my concerns and quickly set out to resolve this momentary lapse.
This is great, as this device can also be some audio and video tutorials and when teaching remotely. And of course, there are all of us podcasters out here…
The IndieGoGo campaign starts today, so if you are interested, get over there and show your support.
Even if you can’t contribute with your wallet, let’s get the word out to others you think might be interested.
I think this will be a successful campaign, and an opportunity for us to have a device designed for our passion.

Check out the Indiegogo campaigne here… and remember to share with any podcasters you know of.