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The Podcaster Pro™

Screenshot of the Podcaster Pro™ spec page

It has been a long time since I have been this excited about a product. There’s the usual thrill involved with any product launch from Apple, but with all the leaks and rumors, we often know most of what is coming before Tim Cook and crew take the stage.
The Podcaster pro™, from Small Batch Audio, has me excited for several reasons. First, it’s right there in the name, “Podcaster Pro” an audio interface designed for Podcasters. What is key about this, as most podcasters will tell you, we typically find ourselves using equipment and software made for musicians. This means that often we have a lot of features that we don’t need, there’s complexity to sometimes work around, and when we encounter barriers, we are most likely not getting any help from the manufacturer.
What Adam Curry has been working on is going to make it possible for anyone to have a professional production setup, without hacking stuff together.

Automating 1Password

We just released episode 7 of the Damashe and Michael: Just Talking Tech show, which was all about 1Password.
I thought I’d share some additional tips for automating 1Password. While this may not be automation in it’s purest form of the word, for me automation can mean any lessening of mental bandwidth through the use of technology.
With that said, here are a few tips for expanding your use of 1Password…

DM7: 1Password →

Damashe and Michael are going to introduce you to 1Password,

DM6 2017 cool tools for macOS and iOS

On this episode of the Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) Damashe and Michael want to share some of the cool tools we use for getting work done every day.

The All New DEVONthink To Go for iOS

This has quickly become one of my favorites, making its way to my home screen.
Gabe Weatherhead from Mac Drifter wrote a great overview.

DEVONthink for iOS is a full featured, secure document manager with terrific capture tools and a really powerful PDF editing option. It supports simultaneous sync with several different services and adds encryption on top. I like it better than Evernote, Apple Notes, or OneNote. It costs $15. Buy the IAP to get better sync and PDF editing. It’s changed how I use my mobile devices.

Writing App Ulysses Blends Power and Simplicity →

Julio Ojeda-Zapata writing for tidbits
What It Is… and Is Not — Before I go further, I should make crystal-clear what Ulysses is – and isn’t – in general terms.

Ulysses is not like Word or Pages, which blend word processing with desktop publishing to fashion complex documents that incorporate intricate layouts with all manner of imagery and typography. It’s also unlike Scrivener, which bristles with organizing features for long-form writers, such as novelists who wrestle with plot outlines, character lists, and story arcs. And it doesn’t have collaborative editing capabilities like Google Docs.

ARQ: Backup your Mac

John explains it and it’s accessible? Link

The Writer’s Guide to Making Accessible Web Content→

Well done…
Genevieve Conti Writing over at the Zapier Blog →

Web accessibility affects people with different kinds of disabilities, including those that influence hearing, sight, movement and cognition. To navigate the Web, people with disabilities often rely on assistive technology—such as

TextExpander 6 (Or: “How NOT to launch your SaaS”) →

But is this just another case of “Users are cheap and don’t value developers’ time?” I don’t think so. I happily signed up for 1Password for Families which will eventually be $5/month, although I could have gotten away with using the app as I have previously. There’s no question that this will be (slightly) more expensive for me in the long term, but after using it for a few days it was obvious that 1Password for Families was going to save me time and frustration. In fact, it was so good that I even said to a few people “I could imagine using 1Password for Families even as an individual, just for the bonus features.”

Rhymes With Diploma — TextExpander 6 (or: “How NOT to Launch Your SaaS”) →

Rhymes With Diploma — TextExpander 6 (Or: “How NOT to launch your SaaS”)→